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עפרה אידל
Idel received her Master degree in Dance and theatre from the Dance Academy in Jerusalem. She has danced at the Kolben D.C and the Tami D.C/Nimrod Freed and has performed in the USA, India, China, Senegal, Japan, Chile and around Europe. In 2005, Idel was invited by the Alexandria Performing Arts Association to create for the BosmaDance Company, Washington D.C. Since then her work has been showcased in Israel and abroad including The Zawirowania Dance Festival - Warsaw, Side by side- Dusseldorf, Visa 2 dance Festival- Tanzania, Artdanthé Festival Tilburg- Holland, Aura Festival- Lithuania, Competition Internactional Burgos -Spain, Dance wave -Cyprus, Dock 11 -Berlin, Derida Dance center -Bulgaria and teaches contemporary dance workshops in Israel and International platforms, such as the dance department of the Taliin University in Estonia, Chichester University England and more. Idel takes part in artistic committees of International competition such as MASDANZA Canary Islands, Zawirowania Poland, 10 Sentidos Valenica and international competition of young dance performers OPUS, Slovenia. She performs in the Ha-E production Ha-E, by Ido Tadmor touring Interntionaly. Idel is the Artistic Co-Director and founder of the Machol Shalem Dance house in Jerusalem.

Ofra Idel

רובי אדלמן
As graduate of the choreography department at The Rotterdam Dance Academy, Edelman received the prestigious “Prince Bernard” Prize and was commissioned to create for the CaDance festival. He was invited to create also for the Scapino Ballet Rotterdam at 2001 and 2003.In 2005, Edelman was invited by Johan Kresnik to create “Olympics 2036“ for The Choreographices Theatre, Stadt Theatre Bonn. In 2010 received the Akko Fringe Festival Jury‘s Award for artistic courage on his work “Shoa-Lite“. In 2011, Edelman was invited by the Schlachthaus Theater in Bern to create “The Holycoaster (s)Hit Circus” - A co-production of the Machol Shalem Dance House and the Swiss PENG!Palast group. The work has been Announced as “ The collective production of the year 2012” by the prestigious German TANZ magazine. As an independent creator, Edelman has developed a unique interdisciplinary stage language which combines movement, theatre, performance, film and media installation. Edelman lives and creates in Jerusalem and functions as CEO and Artistic Co-director of the Machol Shalem Dance House.

Ruby Edelman

גבי פוסטר
Originally from New Hampshire, U.S.A, Gabby arrived in Israel in August 2019 after receiving a B.A. from Colby College (Waterville, Maine) in Religious Studies and Theater/Dance, with a focus in choreography. In the spring of 2018, studied for a semester at the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance through the DanceJerusalem study abroad program. In the summer of 2018, trained at the Dance Exchange Summer Institute, a training program for socially-engaged dance/movement artists. From August 2019- August 2020 worked as an office manager and visiting artist at Jerusalem Center for Performing Arts. In addition to her current work at MASH, Gabby also teaches contemporary dance at Midreshet Emunah V’Omanut.

Gabby Poster

איימי פיין זבולונוב

Amy Fain Zvulunov

יאן ארדשניקוב

Yan Ardashnikov



machol Shalem Dance Center

Shalem Dance Center has been operating since 2002 and is a supportive platform for independent dance composers in Jerusalem. The center was established with the aim of developing work in the field of contemporary, independent dance in Jerusalem and the capital center as a professional international cultural space and which sees dance as a means of mediation between populations in the city and a source of social contribution.

The dance center is one of the six dance centers officially recognized by the Ministry of Culture in Israel.

The center serves dozens of Jerusalem artists each year and supports groups and dance groups managed by religious and ultra-Orthodox artists.

In addition to producing works by a whole dance initiator, artist meetings, performances in the public space, workshops, International Dance Week where an international choreography competition, an entire dance festival and a showcase event where Israeli works are revealed to dozens of directors from around the world and an international dance show for children and youth. The center creates co-productions and working relationships with fellow creators around the world.

The center runs a track for graduates of high schools of the arts in collaboration with the Jerusalem Municipality, runs children's shows, community and social projects and hosts artists for a variety of programs.

The activity takes place in two dedicated halls in the horseshoe complex and in various spaces in Jerusalem.


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A tour at haparsa complex



Performing Arts Center

After five years in which the abandoned Rav Chen cinema complex stood, three Jerusalem cultural bodies joined forces with Rami Levy with the aim of making it a creative home for bodies and for the city's residents. The seven studios and concert halls are home to the activities of an entire dance center, the interdisciplinary arena and between heaven and earth.

The entrance space has a transparent and high ceiling in the center of the complex will be designed as a green patio  And together with the well, they will serve as a common public living room, which is a magnet for a meeting of artists and artists who see it as a source of inspiration that nourishes their work and a creative home for renewed and contemporary Jerusalem cultural content.

The new center invites the wide and diverse audience to enjoy young, innovative and vibrant content in the fields of theater, dance, performance, music and visual arts for the benefit of all culture lovers in the city and as part of an aspiration to engage with multicultural populations.

The creative communities in Jerusalem and the surrounding area will have a variety of spaces available, including rehearsal rooms, equipped concert halls, changing rooms and toilets, the patio as a cultural space and community meeting place, lighting equipment, sound, projection, photography and documentation, library and meeting rooms.

The space is gradually operated according to existing principles and preservation of the environment. Alongside all this, the three bodies will offer, individually and in collaboration, artistic accompaniment, artist residency programs, extensive production projects that take place throughout the year, record events, festivals and hosting of young Jerusalem cultural bodies from around the country and abroad.

The renovation of the center was done thanks to the Jerusalem Municipality and the Eden Company.


Haparsa halls


Campy is further established for many years of discourse and joint work between independent creative bodies and artists in Jerusalem with the aim of promoting the relevant dance, creative, audience and support scene. KMPI is  A new collaborative fund established at the initiative of three leading independent dance organizations in Jerusalem - the KTMMON Dance Group, a complete dance between heaven and earth that will enable economic cooperation between bodies, creators and dance organizations in Jerusalem.

The added value at the basis of the vision of this new initiative is the collaborative model on which it is based. A model that enables the pooling of resources, an increased sense of belonging and community empowerment. These are all values that today, in the midst of the corona crisis, are clear and distinct, and need to be assimilated into the dance community in particular and the society in which we live as a whole.


The cooperative bank consists of three circles-  Partners, beneficiaries and supporters who deposit membership fees, while the partner community enjoys grants for projects such as research budget, professional advice, production of new work and more.

Along with the gifts, various advice, subsidies and services are provided to the community, in order to enable ongoing and relevant support for the artists / s, which is independent of an establishment or government.  By matching the gifts and services to the three circles, we can enable services and content relevant to each of the groups. Together - we will strengthen the sense of belonging and create an innovative vision for the independent Jerusalem dance community.  Campi is open to any member who wishes to strengthen the community and enjoys it without political or institutional influence. The KMPI account will be managed  In a sustainable bank - a sustainable association.


Jerusalem Dance and Performance Community

Steering and Accompaniment Committee: Ruth Diskin, Ruth Cummings, Nirit Rosler, Mata Mori With the support of the Jerusalem Foundation