Project VRDance

פרויקט VR Dance

The VRDance project enables artists to film and present their works through a 360-degree, virtual reality format.

We have developed a 360 filming studio here at MASH, which allows artists to film their works in this new format. We also have professional VR glasses on site to host viewings, and have developed the possibility to view these works from anywhere in the world using a smartphone and a smartphone compatible VR headset. This project was launched at the end of June 2021 with a festival featuring dance pieces by local and international artists in this VR format, which allowed audience members to have an interactive viewing experience. We developed an application which offers the viewer the opportunity to select from where they would like to view the performance, from a number of viewpoints in the performance hall. Through this experience, the viewer moves freely around the stage and can even stand in the center of the stage surrounded by the dancers, sound, and lighting.