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Ruby Edelman

Founding CEO and Artistic Co-director

As graduate of the choreography department at The Rotterdam Dance Academy, Edelman received the prestigious “Prince Bernard” Prize and was commissioned to create for the CaDance festival. He was invited to create also for the Scapino Ballet Rotterdam at 2001 and 2003.In 2005, Edelman was invited by Johan Kresnik to create “Olympics 2036“ for The Choreographices Theatre, Stadt Theatre Bonn. In 2010 received the Akko Fringe Festival Jury‘s Award for artistic courage on his work “Shoa-Lite“.
In 2011, Edelman was invited by the Schlachthaus Theater in Bern to create “The Holycoaster (s)Hit Circus” - A co-production of the Machol Shalem Dance House and the Swiss PENG!Palast group. The work has been Announced as “ The collective production of the year 2012” by the prestigious German TANZ magazine.
As an independent creator, Edelman has developed a unique interdisciplinary stage language which combines movement, theatre, performance, film and media installation.
Edelman lives and creates in Jerusalem and functions as CEO and Artistic Co-director of the Machol Shalem Dance House.

Ruby Edelman
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